Hope Solo Attributes Troubled Behavior to Villainous Brother, Father’s Death


Hope Solo, the troubled women’s goalkeeper who recently called her opponents “cowards”, has revealed she is still coming to terms with the fact her brother is now the biggest villain in the galaxy. Hope also said that she is still shaken by her father’s death at the hands of her brother, formerly known as Ben Solo.

Hope which is short for “A New Hope” said, “my father, Han, is gone and now Ben has been seduced by the dark side of the Force.” She added, “I’ve been a bit off the rails. It’s not easy finding out your grandpa was Darth Vader. It’s just hit me all at once” saying she plans to take six months off on the sidelines to come to grips with the developments.

Hope is among a generation of Millennials – those born on the Millennium Falcon – who have fallen on tough times. “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, most people my age would be well established in their careers, kicking goals, owning their own planetary systems. Meanwhile I’m just trying to save what I can here and there.”

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