Salim Mehajer Introduces Uber Service for Unlicensed Drivers of Unregistered Supercars

Following on from the announcement of Salim Mehajer’s range of toiletries and personal hygiene products, the former deputy mayor of Auburn has announced he is introducing a new Uber-like service for unlicensed drivers of unregistered supercars.

The new service, dubbed “Mehuber,” will take up a perceived gap in the available offerings for the ultra high end lift-on-demand market and is “aimed at those who are willing to put their life on the line to get where they need to go, like cyclists.”

Mehajer said he was motivated to start Mehuber after watching his self-produced inspirational video on YouTube and decided to heed his own advice to “follow dreams that can change the world.”

The service is expected to see a fleet of unregistered supercars hit the road including Mehajer’s personal Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

Although he anticipates demand to be high from owners of supercars whose licenses have been disqualified, Salim is initially the only driver.

Mehajer has dismissed claims the service is unsafe for passengers responding that “it’s safer than being a pedestrian, especially if I’m driving.” The first few customers seem to agree and are already booked in via the Mehuber smartphone app. One excited future passenger commented that he is “keen to see how Salim plans to avoid police, stationary objects, and properly disclosing his business interests.”

In a bid to resuscitate his flagging public image, Mehajer has agreed that the only accepted method of payment for the service is via compliments. Examples of complete payments include “This car is fully sick bro!”, “fully sick subwoofer!” and “this Lamborghini is almost as good as a Halal Snack Pack!”

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