Top Ten Tips for Driving in Sydney

We’ve put together the best tips for anyone brave (or crazy) enough to attempt to drive in Sydney.

  1. Do not under any circumstances use the M4 during morning peak hour. If you really must, you can just leave your car to go pick up a cup of coffee, do your washing, grab a bite to eat, walk the dog and pick the kids up from school. When you get back the traffic won’t have moved.


  1. When trying to find a park, the first parking space you see will be the last parking space you see. Don’t get your hopes up though, it will invariably be snaked by some dick in an Alfa Romeo.


  1. If you do plan on driving into the CBD, make sure you’ve converted your life savings into coins in order to pay for the parking meter.


  1. No one indicates when changing lanes anymore so best to use cycling hand signals through your driver side window instead.


  1. Avoid eye contact with other drivers in case it’s seen as potentially inciting road rage.


  1. For most drivers, roundabouts are basically just fancy speed humps.


  1. Speaking of roundabouts, make sure you’ve said goodbye to your loved ones in the event you attempt to enter the Nine Ways at Kingsford.


  1. Make sure you give cyclists a wide berth, but make sure you give an even wider berth to any vehicle that has extensive body damage.


  1. When driving down a one way street, move to the left to allow oncoming traffic to pass.


  1. Just remember, a P plate on a vehicle indicates that it is allowed to travel up to 30 km/h over the speed limit with at least one extra passenger than there are seatbelts.

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