Gotta Cash ’em All! ClubsNSW Introduces ‘Pokiemon Go’ App for Poker Machines

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ClubsNSW has cashed in on the Pokemon Go craze by today releasing their own version of the popular mobile game.

The new app, titled ‘Pokiemon Go’, enables punters to catch additional location-based bonuses, jackpots and unique features on their mobile device which they can then try to win on participating poker machines.

Much like Pokemon Go, the bonuses and jackpots are “geo-locked” to poker machine lounges across the state, meaning they will only be able to be accessed from a short distance away to entice punters to stick around.

ClubsNSW said that they had to do something after their revenue dipped following the release of Pokemon Go. “Everyone was suddenly out and about chasing Charizard instead of Cleopatra,” a spokesperson from ClubsNSW stated. “We had to make sure we did everything we could to ensure problem gamblers remained on the premises.”

The spokesperson added that this would be great for their bottom-line, “Clubs were losing quite a bit of revenue when punters went to the bathroom or were buying drinks,” he said. “Now this app can keep them ‘go’ing all the time. It’s a win-win really.”

One punter was quite excited by the new game but indicated an augmented reality gambling experience was long overdue. “The reality is that life as a gambling addict is pretty rough so augmenting my reality is really important to me,” he said.

Mike Baird endorsed the new app saying “Pokiemon Go is the type of innovation this state needs. I was worried how we were going to make gambling attractive for Millennials.”

The premier went on to indicate that the casino would be exempt from the geo-lock out laws.


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