Warner Bros Starts Legal Action Against Itself After Discovering Its Content Infringes Its Own Copyright

Warner Bros filed a court injunction today to remove several of Warner Bros webpages from search results and videos on YouTube on the grounds they infringed the media giant’s copyright.

The official court documents asked for the official trailer of Suicide Squad to be removed, plus the official pages of Batman: The Dark Knight and The Matrix films to be censored under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Warner Bros initially indicated they are more than happy to fight the case in court as they thought Warner Bros’ case was weak.

Lawyers acting for both Warner Bros and Warner Bros saw no conflict in representing both parties and were reportedly licking their lips at a lengthy frivolous case.

Warner Bros has previously been accused of abusing the DMCA takedown process using false claims, but disappointed their lawyers by settling the case out of court.


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