Emotionally Exhausted Woman to Prove to Herself Love isn’t Dead by Binge Watching The Bachelor Again

After a string of relationships ending this week took its heavy emotional toll, Liz Thompson decided the only way to feel better was to binge watch The Bachelor again.

“It’s been a whole week since I watched the finale and it’s been fucking traumatic,” Liz said. “It started off with Richie choosing Alex over Nikki, like wtf Richie. Then Karl Stefanovic separated from his wife of 20 years, and if love wasn’t already dead, the Brangelina split came over and kicked it square in the ovaries.”

“The only rational thing a woman would do in this scenario would be to grab her slippers, rug up in a blanket, and finish two packets of Tim Tams while watching the The Bachelor again,” Liz stated.

“Watching an elimination dating game show reinforces my belief that true love really does exist,” she said.

Of course, Liz plans to stop at the second last episode, “so I can pretend there was a happy ending.”

Liz however intends to have a bit of a break before embarking on the Bachelorette, “I’m not ready for that yet. Jesus.”


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