Opening Soon: World’s First ‘Selfie Gym’ With Just Mirrors

The World’s first selfie gym without cardio or weights equipment is gearing up for its big opening in Bondi early next year.

The owner of the ‘Selfitness Centre’, George Khoury a gym operator for over 20 years, said the selfie gym was a “natural evolution of gyms and fitness centres, and reflects the way in which the vast majority of our clientele use gyms these days.”

“We found that 95% of users were only using the equipment to pose for selfies,” he stated. “And during peak periods, the longest wait by far was for the mirror.”

“So we asked ourselves, why are we wasting all our money on maintaining expensive gym equipment?” George said. “We took it all away and no one noticed. In fact, if anything, people complimented us by making their trip to the gym easier.”

George added that dispensing with the gym equipment gave them the flexibility to offer new services.

“With the gym equipment gone our fitness instructors were redundant, so we’ve replaced them with a collection of professional photographers, make-up artists and photoshop experts,” George explained. “They form part of our premium service for anyone that wants glamour gym shots.”

When queried as to what will differentiate the gym from just a mirrored dance studio George replied, “Don’t worry, we’ll have a few cardboard cutouts for anyone that wants to pretend they’re doing some bicep curls or exercise ball squats.”

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