Studio to Re-Release Groundhog Day to Celebrate Infinitieth Anniversary

Columbia Pictures will re-release Groundhog Day in honour of its infinitieth anniversary, the studio announced today.

The original film will return again to the big screen for an unlimited amount of time, a spokesperson for the studio said. The spokesperson indicated that Columbia had initially planned a sequel, but then figured they could just re-release the film and hope no one noticed.

Unfortunately, the studio had lost count of what anniversary it was, but the spokesperson reiterated endlessly that it must be “larger than any number by now.” The studio also plans to celebrate the milestone anniversary of the blockbuster with a diverging series of home entertainment releases “just like everything we’ve ever done before.”

The spokesperson said they were “perpetually excited” for the “back-to-back schedule of Groundhog Day repeats today. But just wait until you see what we have in store tomorrow.”



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