Millennial Too Busy Deleting History to be Bothered Making History

With many Gen Xers and Baby Boomers criticising Millennials for doing little with their lives, one man Harry Rourke says he spends the majority of his time online just trying to ensure his browser history is clean.

The most recent trouble started after Harry forgot to use a private incognito mode on his browser and browsed some ‘Adult Entertainment’ sites. Having finished up three minutes later, Harry immediately realised his mistake and then tried to erase any evidence of the 1279 websites that he visited.

“You never know when your mum or girlfriend might just happen to check out what you were doing,” Harry said. “Every time I delete my history, I feel like Jesus – absolved of all my sins!”

When Harry’s mum was queried about her son’s persistent deletion of his browsing history, she replied “he tells me he’s just trying to speed up the computer. What a good son!”

Deleting history, Harry explained, is also “the key to a successful relationship.”

“I don’t really suspect anything at all from an empty browser history,” his girlfriend said.  “I just assume he was just playing solitaire the whole time.”




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