Bernard Salt Elimination Diet: Discover the Foods that are Making You Unable to Afford a House

Bernard Salt has today released a new diet book based on how to eliminate foods from your diet that prevent home ownership. The diet advocates entirely avoiding “anything that costs money.”

The new diet was quick to cause controversy after a man was admitted to hospital in a serious condition after following the diet and avoiding eating in order to save up to buy a house.

The man, Dom Tanks, 25, said he had read Bernard Salt’s Elimination Diet in his article in the Australian over the weekend and decided that “the only solution to a lack of home ownership was to follow Bernard Salt’s logic and just to not eat at all.”

Dom had decided that he had a bad eating habit, “I was doing a serve of smashed avocado and feta once a week, maybe once in awhile even some bocconcini bruschetta,” he sighed. “It was a real problem all that eating I was doing – I was addicted to eating every day.”

“But the reality is I was never going to buy a house by eating three healthy, reasonably portioned meals a day, so something had to be done,” he explained. “So I decided to completely eliminate food expenses from my budget. ”

Dom said he had done his calculations, “Based on the median house price, I only have another four years of not eating anything at all before I save up enough for a house deposit.”

“With another 130 or so years of not eating I would have paid off the house entirely, which might give my future grandkids a couple of years in the house before they die.”

“Maybe if I give up on friends, getting married, drinking and travelling, I might be able to afford a mortgage that will stop me from having time for and spending money on meeting up with friends, getting married, drinking and travelling. That’s something I’m really looking forward to.”

As spokesperson for the baby boomers Bernard Salt was invited to make a statement in reply but he said was too busy buying his seventh holiday house in Byron Bay.

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