Emergency Services Called in to Determine if Minor Instagram Celebrity Still Alive After Failing to Take Photo of Food

Emergency services were called today to determine if Jennifer Caldwell, an “instagram celebrity with 207 followers”, was still alive after fans noticed she had failed to take a photo of her food at brunch today.

The emergency response team found Jennifer sitting at a table at her local cafe merely having “a pleasant conversation with her brunch time companion.”

When she realised what was happening, Jennifer apologised, “I had completely forgotten about spending an hour taking 74 photos from every possible angle. I don’t know what I was thinking!”

Jennifer was philosophical after the ordeal and she said she now felt she had an obligation to give back to the photographic community that has given her so much joy.

“If food gets eaten in a forest, but no one instagrams it, did it really get eaten?” she pondered.

“There was one girl, who said she never really cared about what her food looked like,” Jennifer said. “Then she saw my instagram feed. Now she has 113 followers that get updated with food, colourful sunsets, yoga on the beach, even when she goes to the bathroom.”

Jennifer paused, shedding a tear, “She said I inspired her. Stories like that really make what I do worthwhile.”

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