Man Oblivious to Lengthy Wait Caused by Ridiculously Obnoxious Coffee Order

A man was oblivious to the anger in the queue behind him for a coffee after ordering a “decaf single origin almond-soy-coconut blend half macchiato half latte with a dash of double whipped cream and half half-sweet mocha chocolata ya yas.” The order took an extra 15 minutes to fulfill, leaving many in the line irate.

“Why the fuck are you lining up on monday morning for a fucking decaf coffee anyway?” said one woman.  “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“I don’t understand half the words in that coffee order,” stated a man who was standing behind him. “He may as well be ordering coffee from Tajikistan and, Jesus, it took just as long.”

The order was reported by the cafe barista as “completely fucking ridiculous” but notes that with the rise of hipsterism who think it’s “trendy” to customise coffee orders, such practices are only going to get worse.

“Just order a fucking flat white!” exclaimed the barista. “It’s basic coffee queue etiquette: if you need more than three words to describe a coffee order, you have to wait till after 11am.”


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