Exclusive: The Empirical Proof that Malcolm Roberts is on the Wacky Tobacky

This exclusive photograph is the empirical proof that reveals to the world that Malcolm Roberts is in fact on the Wacky Tobacky.  The image shows Malcolm toking on a massive joint shortly before a briefing by CSIRO scientists in relation to climate change.

This photograph has been triple checked by a number of Photoshop experts with highly dubious credentials who have confirmed that the image is real and 110% undoctored. This is a fact. Anyone suggesting that the image is not real is therefore partaking in a NASA conspiracy.

Empirical evidence is the knowledge or source of knowledge acquired by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.  However, we now know that the only experimentation Malcolm Roberts has done is with mind-altering substances.

“The stuff going around Canberra is so wack that it would force Snoop Dogg into rehab,” said one drug expert. “So the damage this has caused to Malcolm Roberts brain would be extensive – but we only need to look at his report on climate change to see that.”

“To be honest, the Wacky Tobacky really is the only explanation for someone to be so wildly unhinged,” added the expert. “And given how much he keeps smoking that stuff, he’s probably a large contributor to climate change all by himself.”


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