Obama Spends Weekend Childproofing Oval Office

Out-going president Barack Obama has spent the weekend doing some DIY childproofing modifications to the Oval Office after meeting with president-elect Donald Trump on Friday.

Obama gives Trump a Tour of the White House
Obama gives Trump a Tour of the White House

Obama said he had bought some foam pipe insulation at the local hardware store which he used for protecting the hard edges of the famous Resolute desk.  The desk, used by all the US presidents since Kennedy, was made from hardwood timber from the shipwrecked British ship HMS Resolute.

“This insulation is cushiony on the outside and sticky on the inside, all you have to do is cut it open and press it on for instant soft edges,” he said. “Plus I’ve put a few tennis balls on the corners of the desk too. I wouldn’t want little Donald hurting himself by bumping into those hard corners!”

“I added a few pool noodles as door stoppers, just to ensure Donald’s tiny fingers don’t keep getting smashed in doors,” Obama explained. “And I’ve made the rugs slip-proof with some rubber matting. Hopefully that will come in handy so that Donald doesn’t hurt himself¬†while he’s running around having one of his temper tantrums.”

Obama examining how to childproof the door to Oval Office
“Yep this one definitely needs a pool noodle”

“Also I put duct tape over the power outlets,” he added. “So he might need to get an adult to help him plug in his hair dryer.”

Obama said he also gave Donald a bit of a parting gift, “I added a magnetic chalkboard as a cover for the famous Oval Office fireplace, which I’m sure Donald will find useful when briefing his cabinet.”

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