Murdoch Forced to Shut Down News Websites After Facebook Cracks Down on Fake News

With the revelation that Facebook has begun cracking down on fake news, News Corp has been forced into shutting down its news websites including The Australian, Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun.

“It’s about time we came clean and acknowledged our newspapers helped spread lies via fake news stories and hoaxes,” said a News Corp executive. “For example, that one about millennials eating smashed avo instead of saving for a home was really just a viral marketing hoax. Avo sales have skyrocketed!”

“Our newspapers were full of made-up stories, over the top concocted editorials and telling people what to believe. For awhile that was what sold our papers. All we had to do was avoid anything resembling facts, scientific studies and reliable expert evidence,” he explained. “But we can’t do that in this post-post-truth world, so there really isn’t a business model for our crap anymore. People will just have to make up their own minds now.”

This left many long-time readers worried for their future.

“I don’t know how to make up my mind, I wouldn’t even know where to start,” said one reader. “Usually I just read what Andrew Bolt has to say and I just repeat it word-for-word.”

“What are facts?” asked another reader. “Is that the new-fangled technology you use to photocopy an email with?”

Andrew Bolt was contacted for his opinion but he said he had to talk to Rupert Murdoch before he could form one.





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