Father Gives Life-Changing Career Advice to Son: “PCs are the future! Work in Computers”

Father and son on the computer.

Daniel Straus wants to make sure his son, Ethan, gets a foot ahead in life that he wasn’t able to get himself at a young age.

“My son, he loves his computers. He’s a computer whiz!” Mr Straus said. “He hooked up the printer all by himself, he can always fix the internet for us. He can download anything faster than anybody! And he never went to school for it or nothing.”

Mr Straus’ cousin works full time as a computer repair and salesman and reportedly earns a six-figure salary.

“I don’t want my son to end up like me, so I told him at dinner last night ‘PCs are the future, son, get into computers!’. My cousin, he always was a nerdy type just like my son, and my son loves his computers and internet, I can never get him off it! He’s an expert! I’m telling you if my son gets into computers now he’s gonna have investment properties by the time he’s 30.”

Mr Straus has already arranged for his son to meet a local businessman in dire need for a ‘computer guru’ to design his business a website and fix-up his email signatures. But when we spoke with young Ethan, he seemed hesitant about the meeting.

“I’m not really sure how to design a website,” said Ethan. “I just like to play games in my spare time, and I’m happy with my job selling overpriced electronics at Harvey Norman.”

“I’m sure he can handle it,” Ethan’s father said. “One time I took him to my sister’s house to get her family photos on one of them memory sticks, he just went on there and bam, two minutes later the problems solved.”




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