Hero Fixes Lame AF Party With No Music By Ordering New Uber Beats Service

Brendan Galloway, 19, has been celebrated as a hero amongst his friends after rescuing a lame party from disaster when the stereo system failed by ordering the latest Uber Beats service.

“I was just heading to my best mate’s Gazza’s party and it was boring because there was no music playing,” said Brendan.  “I was like wtf Gazza mate, your party is lame AF. Luckily, I’d signed up for the Uber Beats and within five minutes we had some cranking tunes out on the street. That is, till the coppers shut us down.”

With more and more Millennials reporting that they are attending lame parties, Uber Beats is part of Uber’s plan to fix a perceived hole in the market in party enhancement services.

“At the customer’s disposal is a fleet of Uber drivers with the most fully sick subwoofers and pimped up Strathfield Car Radio sound systems that will come to your party and blast a curated selection of banging tunes,” said an Uber Beats representative. “Once you’ve ordered a party enhancement service through the Uber Beats app, the map will show how far away your  driver is and give you an indication of how much longer it will take to epicify your party. Usually within minutes your facebook timeline will be covered in checkins and photos, and snapchat will go from having zero snapchat stories to a thousand at your party in no time.”

It appears there are many different ways to use Uber Beats. Harrison, 20, said he got Uber Beats just so that he could cruise around Bankstown with his windows down. Lloyd, 21, said he ordered one as a prank to blast music outside his mates house while he was studying for upcoming exams.

Uber announced they were looking at further party enhancement services.  Further services under consideration include Uber Ice (both kinds), Uber Wine and Cheese and Uber Exotic Dancers for Bucks and Hens nights.








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