Pauline Hanson Scores Invite to Trump’s Inauguration After Offering To Perform MmmBop

With Donald Trump unable to secure any A-List entertainers for the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, Pauline Hanson has revealed she has scored a surprise last-minute invitation after offering to perform her 90s smash hit “MmmBop.”

“I’m planning on doing a chilled out cut-back acoustic version just to make sure everyone gets to hear the lyrics: Mmmbop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du, yeah,” Pauline explained. “There’s something about their non-sensicalness that really resonates with me, I mean, they make as much sense as any of Trump’s foreign policy statements.”

Pauline, long suspected to be the songwriting mastermind behind the Milli Vanilli-esque boy band “Hanson,” stated that she set up the fake boy band in an effort to restore some pride in the Hanson name, which had been lost after she had made a series of controversial and racist remarks in Australian parliament and the media.

“It’s great that Hanson has agreed to perform. It’s really great. It’s the best,” Trump responded. “I thought her version of ‘I don’t like it’ was great, really great.”

As Pauline is the only entertainer so far to agree to perform, she indicated she may also do a few covers to fill out the time, including “America Fuck Yeah” from the Team America Soundtrack, “The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and ‘Why don’t you get a job?’ by The Offspring.


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