Corey Worthington Offers to Post on Myspace to Help Cory Bernardi Get People to his Party

With the news that Cory Bernardi was to defect from the Liberals and set up his own party called the “Australian Conservatives”, the question on everyone’s mind in the Liberal party room was: who was going to Cory’s party?

So far none of the Liberals have given any indication they will be jumping ship.

That’s when Corey Worthington offered his unique set of skills to the similarly named politician Cory.

Corey Worthington knows the perils of having your own party better than almost anyone else. He shot to fame as a teenager when he promoted a house party on MySpace after his parents went abroad in 2008, later admitting it got “a bit out of hand”.

“A┬áparty of one is pretty lame brah,” Corey said. “But don’t worry, I can make sure you get lots of people to your party.”

“I’ll just put up a quick post on myspace, and next thing you know there will be a bunch of cunts drinking your piss smashing your shit and having a fucking mad time.”

“Just don’t fucking call the cops,” he added. “Or my parents.”



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