Tennis Australia Confirms All Tennis Courts to be Renamed as Tennis Goolagongs

In a unprecedented move, Tennis Australia has taken the initiative in light of the backlash against Margaret Court’s widely publicised stance on gay marriage by renaming all tennis courts across the nation as tennis goolagongs.

“We didn’t want to be associated with any of Margaret Court’s homophobia,” said a spokeperson for Tennis Australia. “We noticed a huge drop of tennis being played over the last few days purely because tennis court shares its name with Margaret Court. So something had to be done.”

“Evonne Goolagong is a perfect replacement – she won a bunch of majors, isn’t racist or homophobic and isn’t a raving lunatic,” added the spokesperson. “Plus tennis goolagong is just more fun to say.”

In addition, there have been concerns voiced by World No.1 Andy Murray that tennis players trying to boycott Margaret Court Arena at the Australian Open would cause scheduling chaos.

It is believed that the short priced favourite amongst punters is the replacement name “Tina Arena’s Tiny Arena.”

Margaret Court was contacted for this story, but has yet to make any official comment.  After she stated that she would not fly Qantas due to their stance on gay marriage, apparently she has been out of contact while flying back from Perth on her broomstick.


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